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Taste Your Way Through 2017 | Week 2

Last week's beer for Taste Your Way Through 2017 was Alaskan Brewing Winter Ale. This week, it's O'Fallon Brewery's Big Walt!   This blonde ale from O'Fallon Brewery is named after St. Louis Blue'sĀ Hall of Famer Keith Tkachuk. Keith is an American-born hockey legend who scored 538...

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INTRODUCING Taste Your Way Through 2017

We know, we know, there are so many different kinds of seasonal Winter ales to try this 2017 season! So many amazing choices can seem a little overwhelming when you're standing in the freezing cold beer aisle at the store, pondering which beer you're going...

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Winter Seasonal Beers

It's that time of year again. It gets dark around 5:00 every night, the wind is bitter, and you just can't seem to get warm.   But there is hope for this winter season. Why, you ask? Three words: winter seasonal beers.   That's right! It's time to break...

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New Product | Natty Rush

There's alcohol, and there's energy drinks. So what happens when you combine the two together? You get Natty rush, a fruity, boozy malt beverage.   Available in Watermelon Splash, Hurricane Punch, and Blue Frostbite, Natty Rush comes in 25oz cans and are available at a retailer near...

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